Gabi Neurohr - Colt Starting, Young Horse Training, Horse Foundation Training and Problem Horses

Understanding Horses

Understanding Horses – what does that mean to me? Each horse is a unique living creature, with a soul to discover and to connect to. I love the interaction that becomes possible through listening closely to them. Each time I feel this wonderful connection, the moment we truly meet, is magic to me. Whether it is my own horses, a colt I start, a horse in trouble, I search for this connection.

That is one part – a big one – but good horsemanship doesn’t stop here: For me it also involves every other aspect of horses: Hoof care, biomechanics, nutrition, natural boarding, saddle fit.

We all want the best for our horse and the relationship we have with it – here in my website you can read and follow my horse training stories, thoughts, practical tips that help me and my horses to have a successful relationship. 


Gabi Neurohr - specialist for Colt Starting, Young Horse training and Problem Horses


Gabi Neurohr playing with young horse on the bridge

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Follow the progress of my trainings horses, colt start, the developement of my own horses and practical stuff around horses.

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Gabi Neurohr with Shagya Arabian mare Mayana on trail ride

About Me

Lern more about me, my horses, the services I offer and where I learnt and still learn what I do.

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Understanding is a Two Way Street

Gabi Neurohr with rearing horse as silhouette in colourful sunset