Gabi Neurohr riding chestnut Barb Arabian gelding bitless


I am Gabi Neurohr, born in beautiful Austria into a non-horsy family I felt drawn to horses from a very early age. After years of begging at age 12, I finally got my first pony (actually it was three ponies at once)! I am deeply hooked since then, fascinated and addicted. At age 16 I decided to quit Highschool and start a 4-year education to become a professional in the horse world. I got my diploma as “Pferdewirtin Zucht und Haltung” in 2007. 

For me, this was only the very beginning of everything. After those 4 years, I did not feel even close to competent enough to work as a horse professional. So, on I went hunting my dreams and got a place as Working Student at 5* Parelli Master Horse Development Specialist Berni Zambail. He gave me such a deep insight into how horses think, why they act the way they do, how they learn and how to adapt to each horse differently. It was 6 fantastic months with Mazirah. 

Since 2009 I have been living and working at Haras Naturel du Plessis, the unique Horsemanship Center founded by 3* Parelli Instructor Marie Claire de Selliers. Here I am responsible for the starting of youngsters and developing them into great partners for their owners. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of very different horses with all kinds of challenges, which taught me a lot about adapting my training approaches.

I love to learn, educate myself, be open and look at other aspects of horses. Over the years I have gained huge knowledge about the following areas of expertise:

  • Natural Hoof Care – Hoof Boots and corrective trimming
  • Horse Nutrition – Natural Feeding and special cases
  • Phytotherapy for Horses
  • Natural Horse Boarding
  • Healthy Biomechanics for the riding horse
  • Basic saddle fitting


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What kind of horse person – rider – am I? I don`t like to be put into a box, have the stamp of a “Method”. Good Horsemanship – good Horsemen/women – usually share the same principles. Their techniques might be different, but principles remain the same. You will see me play on the ground, at Liberty, ride dressage, jump a cross course, ride endurance, ride bareback and bridleless and sometimes you might even see me in a western saddle. 

My goal for every horse, every session is to find the connection to the horse and make him/her feel proud of his achievements. A happy, healthy horse that loves to do stuff with his human partner – no matter what discipline!