The Ultimate Checklist BEFORE You Start Your Horse

When it comes to starting your horse under saddle, there are so many things to consider, so many decisions to make for the best of your horse. You want to do everything you can to make this experience a good and positive one for your horse.

I made for you a complete checklist about every important point you want to think about before you start your horse. With this list you can make every single decision with full awareness and have your horse perfectly prepared for this so important step in his life.

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Loving Boundaries For Young Horses

Boundaries are so important in our relationship with horses. It is a difficult topic and one of the most challenging things to do consistently and in a fair way for most horse owners.

Whenever I set a boundary to my horse, my motivation behind is always the love for my horse.

I want my horse to be able to live comfortably in our human's world. I want it to be easy for my horse to deal with all the restrictions that come with living in our world.

Loving a horse doesn’t mean that I let him do whatever he wants to do. Loving my horse means most importantly to ensure his long term safety and happiness. 

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The Importance of a Good Start Under Saddle

The Importance of a good Colt Start

Do you have a youngster you want to start under saddle this year? If you want to avoid disaster, you might want to read this. Because his start under saddle will be the first impression of the rider he will have. And believe me, it is determinant.

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Preparations for Colt Starting: Get ready to accept the rider with confidence [Video]

What if your horse was so confident, that he accepts you as a rider without any worry or fear? When we ask a horse to accept to carry us on his back, it is a question of total confidence and trust. Being a prey-animal, the rider might very well be perceived as an attacking wolf. It is the same positions, almost in a blind spot and our legs are wrapped around the horse’s body touching the sensitive flanks.

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Preparations for Colt Starting: 4 Exercises to gain your horse’s understanding and respect about direction [Video]

Did you ever ride a horse that didn’t go where you wanted him to go?

This problem can have two causes (if we exclude human error): A lack of understanding or a lack of agreement. Discover 4 exercises which will help your horse to not only understand your aids but also gain his willingness to let you control where he goes. You can prepare your young horse so well on the ground, that he understands and respects your aids from the first ride on. Just like a car, a horse also needs to have reliable steering to reach the final destination.

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