Preparations for Colt Starting: Control the horses gaits Part 1 [Video]

Gabi Neurohr Horse Training - Control the gait

Why does he not go forward? Why is he running like this? We expect, without question, that our horses willingly accept that we are in control of their impulsion. We only start to think about it once we run into trouble: the horse either won’t go or is rushing and bracing. What seems so easy to us, is not always so easy to understand for our young horses when they get started under saddle.

The good news is that with a few specific exercises done on the ground, you can gain your horse’s respect and willingness to let you control his gaits.

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Start a Mutual Dialog with your Horse [Video]

Gabi Neurohr Colt Starting - Establish Communication

In this article, I explain in depth the first group of exercises of the "14 Preparations for a safe and respectful Colt Starting" With the help of many videos, I show you how to establish a basic communication with your horse.

When I prepare a horse to be started under the saddle, I want to be sure that I can communicate with him. Otherwise, I can’t explain all the new things to the horse. My goal is to establish a question-answer communication which is going both ways. This will allow me to truly involve the horse into the process. Discover 2 easy games that will help you to create a dialogue with your horse.

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Young Horse Education - 4 innate ways of learning

Young Horse Education - young Shagya mare explores the bridge

We wish to do everything right with our youngsters. This can be a big burden on our shoulders. Young horses learn a lot of everyday things “by the way.” Learn how you can direct and shape your young horses learning experiences into a good direction by knowing the 4 ways of innate learning.

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Foal Education - Maserati conquers his fear of water [Slideshow]

How can I prepare my young horses that they won’t be afraid of water later? Every rider knows it: the horses fear of water puddles. Some horses really freak out at the sight of the shiny, reflecting and wet surfaces. During the last weeks we had a lot of rain and a little lake built in the field of my horses.

I took advantage of it and showed my young horses Tara and Maserati how much fun they can have with water.

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Foal Education - How to Set Healthy Boundaries for Your Foal [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Foal Education - Mathilde gets crowded by two foals

Foals are wonderful - there is (almost) nothing better in the world. At least for me. But they are playful, they try to bite, can be invasive, kick and rear if we don’t pay attention. Setting boundaries can be hard at times, especially when it is about cute foals. What does it take to set boundaries in fairness and without emotions on both sides?

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14 Preparations for a safe and respectful Colt Starting

How can we prepare our horse for Colt Starting that he doesn’t get in trouble and we can stay safe? With these 14 exercises done on the ground, your horse will find it fun to work with you, is open to new experiences and feels successful as a learner. Your horse will be ready to start his life as a riding horse.

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