Colt Starting Dancing - Customer Feedback

Gabi Neurohr Colt Starting - Quarter horse mare Dancing with her owner

Dancing is a mare that by nature is confident in people. Just as her breeder said: " I am a beginner and have back problems." I wanted a professional to start Dancing, someone very competent and gentle. My wish for Dancing was that she would have a good experience being started, as it is one of the fundamental moments in a horse’s life. I searched and found what I was looking for when I came across Gabi Neurohr.

This young lady has a great feeling with horses and above all a lot of respect for their unique character. She is not someone who will try to change your horse, shaping him into something. Gabi helps your horse to understand humans. She does so in bringing out the best in them, all with plenty of tact and a gentle hand. I didn't want an express colt starting for Dancing, my quarter horse mare, leaving no room for her curiosity.

The three-year-old filly stayed for a month with Gabi. She worked in short and progressive sessions. I watched them evolve together, outside and in the arena, exchanging what Gabi calls interesting ‘dialogues’. Everything felt very easy and fluent. Every rider knows that if it seems easy, it’s the expertise talking. Both were ‘smiling’, it was a true form of art!

I regained a mare as curious as before, who knew all the basics of groundwork and excellent basics for riding. After only nine sessions of 15 minutes, it was my turn to get on! It’s more a pre-colt starting yet everything was already in place. When one works with clear and precise technique, using good timing and progressiveness, one doesn’t need a lot of time. The horse becomes a partner who understands what is happening and he learns while enjoying himself. That changes everything!

You may ask how I will proceed being only a beginner? Well, my mare learned to communicate with humans rather than learning simple tasks. So even if my gestures aren’t the same as Gabi’s it won’t cause any problem. Dancing makes suggestions and we quickly learned to understand each other, it’s amazing. It’s a duet where the dancers find harmony.

My mare remained confident in humans and was also ridden just in a halter alone or with other horses. Now I will allow her to grow up and strengthen before riding her again! Gabi, thank you so much for this wonderful education. And of course, it is not only Dancing who learned lots, from now on I will take lessons to improve my focus and energy!

Thanks a lot, Gabi!


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