Young Horse Education: Eleven - Customer Feedback

Gabi Neurohr Young Horse Training - Irish Cob mare plays the ball

my big surprise, my Irish Cob mare made us a present on the 11 of August in 2014 - it was a little girl foal. Once the big surprise was over and we got used to the idea of having a foal at home, we put all our heart into the well being of the new family member.

In the beginning, pure pleasure, small, pretty, sweet like her mum, always coming for cuddles, playful and very close to us. We were very happy with this experience, we are just leisure riders with no knowledge about breeding or education of young horses. The time went by and the baby grew - she grew a lot and got very strong. She started to play with us as if we were horses as well, obviously, we aren't as solid. I lost confidence in her and in myself.

Gabi came to our rescue and Eleven's Education began at Haras du Plessis with Gabi. Just short sessions and easy tasks (well it seemed to be easy when Gabi did them)! The whole family took part in the last few sessions, it gave us a lot of confidence to learn how to interact with Eleven. It was also very funny to see how Eleven behaved differently with each one of us. 

Two months later, our Eleven was respecting us, she doesn't push us around anymore. She learnt, and us as well, the rules of good behaviour and how to live together feeling safe and respecting each other without losing the close relationship we have and keeping her playful side.

We can go on walks with her again, daily health care has become easy and she even loads into the trailer without any problem! Eleven is doing all the exercises really well, even if I am not being so clear. So in short, it's again a real joy! All this was achieved with so much softness, as well as for as for us.

In a few months, she will be three years old, it will be time to get her started under saddle. She is big and very strong and I really count on Gaby to help Eleven and me to continue our adventure with peace of mind and pleasure.

Thank you very much!



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