Problem Horses - Aslan's Story 4 - Accept the Rider with Confidence [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Problem Horses - Aslan learns to accepts the rider

Horses are very susceptible to changes, especially environment. Until now I worked with Aslan in his field. He has gained enough confidence in me and my tools that I took him into our outdoor arena. I wanted to see if he was only afraid of people and training in general or if he also had environmental fears.

As Aslan made so much progress in his acceptance of the flag, the stick and string and as well the green ball, I thought it was time to go to the next step: Accept the rider on his back with confidence.

Aslan has already been ridden, but when he was started it wasn’t done with much savvy and unfortunately his very first experience with a rider on his back was a very scary one. He started to have a very strong habit of taking off under the rider. He could also not stand still for mounting.

Restarting the horse to overcome bad memories

Horses who are truly ok and in peace with a rider on their backs will usually stand still for mounting and the chance that they buck or take off is way reduced. Skipping this important point during a colt start can cause way bigger trouble later on in the horse's life.

Now, as Aslan has some bad memories about the rider, this step will take a little longer than with a “normal” youngster. I will take more time and will go more into details with him in order to be sure he is really fine. Confidence is the most important to him – otherwise, he will not be open for communication. In this post, I will show two sessions.

Slideshow with step by step explanations


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