Shimmering Princess - Building a solid Riding Foundation [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Horse Training - Canter with Quarter Horse mare

What is it that makes a horse nice to ride? What skills and habits make a horse an everyday pleasure?

To me there are certain things that make a horse a pleasure:

  • willingness to please and to listen
  • moving with rhythm and relaxation in the gait
  • it learnt to act like a participating partner in everyday tasks
  • being responsive and light on the leg, rein and seat aids
  • when the horse is as happy to go forward as it is to stop - it has good impulsion

Princess reached the end of her stay with me - 2 months of Foundation training after her Colt start half a year ago. In total, I rode her about 60 times. During her start under saddle, I mainly wanted to reach a point where she enjoys her new work. Now I focused on more advanced concepts.

Every horse, no matter what discipline, should first have a foundation training, focusing on these concepts, before advancing to specialized training. It will learn more easily and progress faster.

Check out the pictures to discover the building blocks of Princess' riding foundation


A solid foundation is so important for every riding horse. It will make your time you spend together much more enjoyable.


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