Colt Starting Chevrenne - Customer Feedback

Gabi Neurohr Colt Starting - Draft horse ridden in riding arena

It has been last summer (2016) that Chevrenne learnt to know Gabi at Haras du Plessis in order to be started under saddle. Coming back home and continuing the work has gone really well.

Chevrenne spent 3 weeks with Gabi. I found that Chevrenne has changed quite a bit, she is now a lot more respectful (there was a bit of work to be done...). Most importantly she is very happy not only to go on walks in long reins but on actual trail rides. She discovered that having a rider on the back is something nice! 

Now, the rider has to work on herself a bit, there is a big work to be done,.... but Chevrenne is really very nice and forgiving! I simply have to live up to her youth!

P.S. I find her canter very comfortable



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