Shimmering Princess - Advancing Education on the Ground [Slideshow]

Gabi Neurohr Foundation Training - Liberty with Quarter Horse mare

After her start under saddle in November 2014, Princess spent 5 months in the field with her friends. She finished growing both physically and mentally. Now she is back to school. She is learning everything necessary to have a good basic foundation as a riding horse.

Groundwork at this stage has three main purposes for me:

  1. to give the horse time to express herself and to avoid unnecessary arguments in the saddle
  2. get the horse to show and connected
  3. to show new things on the ground first so that they are easier in the saddle

I am playing with her a lot at Liberty, to get her interested and connected to me.

She is learning to keep up her part in our relationship:

  • maintain the gait
  • maintain the direction
  • act like a partner not like a prey animal

Click through the pictures to find out how I used Play at Liberty to win Princess’s interest and connection.



The Purpose of Groundwork

Playing with horses on the ground or at liberty is a way for me to help the horse to be calm, connected and responsive before riding. I can allow the horse to express him/herself in case he/she is anxious or exuberant and introduce new things. Most importantly I can get the interest and connexion of the horse much easier.


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