Dissecting a Hoof – why would you benefit of it?

Why would it be interesting for any horse owner or even just rider to participate at a hoof dissection? It is so important to have a good understanding on how the equine foot functions. If it doesn't function well, it can influence the whole horses body. Let me share my point of view and discoveries I had during hoof dissection.

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Tadjik – Week 2

Gabi Neurohr Training Horse Tadjik

Tadjik is really settling down in the new environment, becoming very playful and funny. This week we played a lot with cavalettis and he got his first introduction to jumping gymnastics.

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Difficult Horse Zayin 2 - Gain more Body - Awareness

Gabi Neurohr Training Horse-Zayin gets emotional

Zayin and I are starting to become friends. He made big progress in giving me his trust that he could achieve everything I ask of him. I started to address his issues with the cinch and his emotional baggage connected to it by using the Figure 8 rope. This at the same time helped his physical relaxation and balance.

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Difficult Horse Zayin 1 - Start of a Trusting Relationship

Gabi Neurohr Training Horse Zayin

Zayin is a 6-year-old Anglo Arabian gelding. He was started when he was 3 years old, but due to some physical issues and lack of time, he was never ridden much. Additionally to that, he is a very hot and sensitive, at times very emotional horse. He is known to be rather sensitive to the cinch and the rider's leg, with a tendency to kick and buck.

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My Training Horse Tadjik - Week 1

Gabi Neurohr Training Horses - Case Study Tadjik

Tadjik will be 3 years old this spring, and he is with me in training since 1.February.  His father is an Anglo-Arabian and his mother is a Belgian jumping mare.  He is a nicely spirited Left brain extrovert, playful and sensitive but very down to earth and kind natured. 

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